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Things to add to this wiki, to my brain, etc

  • Running QS experiment on sleep improvement, trialling the effects of:

    • red-light
    • curtains drawn/undrawn
    • caffeine
    • device usage
    • meditation
    • Impacts of low sleep on cognition, memory a la Guzey's theses on sleep
  • Running QS experiment on caffeine's nootropic effects on me using my Anki and Dual-N Back data

  • Underrated transhuman developments. What radical changes to the human condition have gone pretty unnoticed, and what future changes, albeit mundane, would be consequential?

    • Sleep on/off switch (melatonin)
    • Nausea on/off switch (hyoscine etc)
    • Thought deleter — anxious or persistent thoughts could be targeted and neutralised, or put on hold for a predetermined period of time (i.e. before a test.) (aderall)
    • Temperature regulator (clothes)
    • Pain on/off switch with added phone notifications (aspirin)
    • Prickle resistant feet (shoes)
  • Ways cyberpunk got everything right