An occasionally updated list of changes to my website, blog and articles. Could perhaps be useful to those learning HTML, CSS from scratch and constantly problem solving.



  • Added a "docs" category to the main page, and updated the formatting on my Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace page




  • Standardised formatting and outlined on About this site page
  • Added link icons for out-links to Wikipedia, Amazon, Reddit, and hosted PDFS
  • Wrote up my experiences with PoolTogetherDAO, as a defence of crypto’s promise, in face of a recent onslaught by regulators (and smolweb practitioners) on the concept of “web3”. When in fact, yes, open source, permissionless, autonomous and community governed finance protocols are good! Beware — not all “DAOS” stay true to the “D” part…
  • Made a cyberpunk-inspired “metaverse business card” for my contact page, a la Hiro Protagonist in Snow Crash
  • Changed TLD to .net


  • I've expanded my page on quantifying my life with reference to the Long Now foundation's Manual for Civilisation, which simplified the whole "which 3,000 books should I use my life to read" question.
  • Added Rationalist family holidays"
  • Compiled some supporting references for my current "Beliefs" with a capital B.


  • I dithered the main typographic "M" on my index.html page. Dithering is a method by which you can computationally reduce the size of an image whilst retaining its 'looks'. You can dither your own images here, and read more about the energy savings here
  • Expanded the below article with some new research on the role of the anti-nuclear movment in generating "postmodernism".



  • Design updated from Menlo, dark background to current style, inspired by the typography of Ye Olde books, using a CSS style sheet from CSS bed, customized to my liking.
  • is discovered through the Text-only websites directory.
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